Our Mission

PARTs 3492 strives to give back to the community that supports us by teaching, inspiring, and empowering children with STEM skills. This year, we are educating WV’s educators in conservation-based STEM principles to give them the skills to teach a technology-based curriculum to our youngest West Virginians. This exposure to STEM principles is particularly important in Appalachia, which does not have a strong tech community, so that children get excited about STEM and become aware of opportunities that they may not otherwise be exposed to. By training those who educate our children, we can reach not only the children they teach this year, but their future students, extending our impact across years of education.


Inspiring the Next Generation

"This grant empowers us to strengthen STEM education for young West Virginians across the state."

— Aimee Figgatt (Outreach Specialist, WV Conservation Agency)


Our conservation-based STEM workshops include training on the Jr. FLL and FLL principles, with a hands-on programming opportunity and education on resources available for starting a team. Our workshops will reach all 55 West Virginian counties by June, with a goal to train 400 educators. So far, our workshops have already trained educators that collectively touch 2,864 children. Our workshops will allow us to impact many more kids than we can by mentoring alone.